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Dailymotion Upload Policy

Dailymotion Upload Policy

Dailymotion Upload Policy

All uploads are required according to our usage policies and policies. To prevent spam, all Dailymotion users are limited to uploads as given below
  1. 96 uploads per day 
  2. 2 hours per video
  3. 60 minutes per minute'
If you break these limits, your upload privileges can be suspended for 24 hours and you can get an incorrect message.

Live Streaming Features

Dailymotion offers robust asset management and methods of various types of components to meet your needs, and strengthen unlimited storage and video connection. Our features and capabilities are featured below:

Content Ingestion & Video Upload Features

Upload methods: Upload a desktop platform Local App Upload MRSS feed and other industry standards API Full video workflow to capture back to list transfer Support VOD, 4K, 60fps 360

Advanced Video Management Features

Multi-Platform Publishing (YouTube) Download and modify the video Posting control Geo barrier

Live Streaming Features

Unlimited live streams and unanimous viewers live full live stream flow from content components to distribute worldwide Live posting status control VOD automatic recording Dedicated 24/7 support

Publication start & end date

If you do not want your video to be publicly on dial-mutilation, you can set it personally and schedule a public date. To do this, follow these steps: Navigate to the video editing interface. Within Make Video Public, you can specify the start date and time when your video will be public you can also specify your end date and time when your video will no longer be public make sure to click Save Alert: When the posting date and time is set, it eliminates the video exhibit described in the main tab. Therefore, although your video is based on your video "private", it will be public on the "Video Public" window. Note: This feature is available only for a partner with a bad seed. Click here to learn more about seed certification on Dailymotion.

Replace a video

You can change a video's video file on your channel at any time by following these steps: Navigation on the video edit page you want to change Click the Advanced tab. Click Video File Location. Choose a video file that you want to change the current video from there, upload your new video file Make sure to click Save Note: This feature is available only for a partner with a bad seed. Click here to learn more about seed certification on Dailymotion.

Changing the order of playlists

You can reset your playlist to meet your viewer's needs on your desktop and mobile or to enhance your own video experience. Login to Dailymotion Go to library Select the playlist you want to update Click Edit Use grip icon to drag and drop your videos at the desired location within the playlist Changes are automatically protected Click on

Upload videos to Dailymotion

It's easy to upload videos on Dailymotion. Just follow the following instructions. From your partner's headquarters, select the media from the navigation menu. You will get the land on the video page. Select the upload button in the upper left. In the lower right, select the Select video files button. View the Upload ID Select the Video Files that you want to upload from your computer. Your video will start loading. As you upload, you will need to fill in the required information (title, language, and category). Select the Publish Save button. Note: Once the video has been uploaded, it can be encoded on the DMM mode. It may take several minutes. Note: Some content is banned on Daily Mailing. To learn more, read our content policy. Reading for other options? We offer large upload options via API developers only or through MRSS, XML, and CSS.

Video Specifications

To ensure the fault-free upload process on Dailymotion, make sure to follow the instructions below. File size Information on the upload page Video duration Information on the upload page Shape Container.MOV .MPEG4 .M4.AVI .WMV.MKV .FLV Video coded H.264 AVC (Recommended) H.265 HEVC DivX WMV9 MPEG-2 Audio coded AAC (recommended) MP3 WMA9 MPEG Layer 2 Frame rate 24 fps 25 FPS 30 fps 50 fps 60% Video bitrate 2 Mbps: SD 6-8 Mbps: HD 20 MBps: 4k Contract

Upload troubleshooting

Encoding error may occur when the uploaded video format is not supported by Dailymotion. To avoid these errors, we recommend uploading the video to the following formats: MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI, DV, 3GP, FLV. If encrypted for your video web is not optimized, there may be encryption error. If you encounter frequent upload errors, please contact our support team.

Upload options

There are a few different ways to upload videos to Dailymotion en masse. To upload a big video catalog, please contact your Content Manager. MRSS we use standard springs according to the W3C (Global Wide Web Consortium). The following Metadata is required: Dailymotion moisture space: set as xmlns: DM =dailymotion parameter setting list of parameters. Video title and description: It should be wrapped in a CDT tag, so the inside content is a common character data rather than unusual data. Video category: one from this list of categories. GUID: A unique 64 character key set by each video partner. Video URL: Metadata set within data: Content. XML You can also provide an XML file with mandatory fields (titles, descriptions, categories, GUIDs, and URLs). We need a map of these items. CSV You can also use a template using a CSV file. 6 and fill Metadata on column B there are first row examples. In clarification, not only HTML language should be text only. Create a CSV in each account. Alert: Be very careful to fill in F and G columns. Columns F-GUID: This is a unique and consistent identification of the video provided by the partner. There should be no space in the GUID and it should not exceed 64 characters. Columns - Source URL: These are links to each video. URL must be in accordance with the URL of the server. For example, if the file is on FTP with login and password, then this information is required in the URL. URL does not have any free space. Note: If using Excel, you need to convert CSV using UTF-8 encoding. If you do not use UTF-8, your upload will fail. If your Excel version does not allow you to do so, you should save your file to the Excel format and then open it in Google Docs or Open Office so that you can encode UTF-

Edit videos

You can organize your entire video library with your media manager. When you can delete multiple videos at a time, you can only edit one video at a time only. To edit the video, follow the steps below. From your partner's HQ, select the media from the navigation menu. You will visit the videos page. Find out the video you want to edit. Select the drop-down arrow on the left, and then click Edit. Edit your video as you select the Save button below. Note: You can also edit a video by selecting the Edit video button in the video button Video editing system is divided into three sections, which includes different elements. Learn more below


Title Description Tags Type Thumbnail language Age restriction Playlist) exhibition


Geo-blocking Publication Date Monetization Advertising Service Issues Email code Featured Video Record date Change file Sub movies play next

Edit basic video information

By improving your Metastatic, you can make your videos more attractive and looking friendly. To edit the video, follow the steps below. From your partner's HQ, select the media from the navigation menu. You will visit the videos page. Find out the video you want to edit. Select the drop-down arrow on the left, and then click Edit. Edit your video as per demand learn more below Select the Save button. When editing the video's basic information tab, you can edit the following items:
Title: This is your video title that will see all users. Simple titles with keywords are usually best.
Description: Write a short description of your video. Comprehensive description works best with relevant keywords and useful links.
Tags: Add 10 tags to fit your video content. Make sure to use relevant keywords and themes.
Thumbnail: Choose the thumbnail image that will show for your video. Learn more. Language: Choose your video language. Category: Select category that improves the content of your video. Age restriction:
The appropriate content for some viewers may not be appropriate. Learn more. Add: Use it to add a video to one of your playlists. Exhibit:
Select what your video can watch. Learn more.

Age restrictions

Few content may not be suitable for all viewers. Channels can use age ranges to prevent login users and nurse from inappropriate content access. When evaluating that the appropriate material for each age is appropriate, then here are some things we consider: Violence Nudity and sexually suspicious content Hazardous or dangerous activities if you want to depend on your video, please review our policies such as age restricted videos are not eligible for magnet and are not shown in certain parts of the delimitation. You can add age target to a video by checking the box in your Video Editing page

Customize your thumbnail

Use a thumbnail image to display a frame from your video to draw an audience. Use a picture from your video Open your partner space and go to the Media section Find out the video you want to edit and select the drop arrow on the right left. Then click on the pencil button to edit your video panel. Use the Frame button on the right side of the player. This will stop the player and enable you to save the desired thumbnail. Alternatively, you can stop your player in desired thumbnails, then click "Use frame" to select your thumbnail. Upload your own thumbnail - for only approved users Open your partner space and go to the Media section Click on the pencil button to enter the edit panel of your video Click on the Select File button and select Image File. Click the Save button and to save your changes

Content visibility

All types of content videos, live series, and playlists are available only in one of the following ideological states: Public: public content is accessible by everyone and on search results and other places on Dailymotion Draft. Displays: Draft Content is the only viewpoint. When content is required title, language, category, etc. a content creator is capable of. Once the necessary information is complete, the content can be protected from public, private, or password. Personal: Private content enables those with links and they never appear in search results nor Dailymotion Password protected- password protected content. Only consumers who have been able to create a password with the password you created and will never show up in search results and at other times. When embedded, a password is still required to view.

Edit advanced video settings

To edit the video, follow the steps below. From your partner's HQ, select the media from the navigation menu. You will visit the videos page. Find out the video you want to edit. Select the drop down arrow on the left, and then click Edit. Modify your video as needed learn more below. Select the Save button. While modifying the video's advanced settings, you can edit the following items:Geo barrier: A video is being decided that can be seen. Learn more. Publication Date: Use date-pickers to select a date range when a video is public. Monetization: Decide whether to serve ads on video or not. Learn more. Subtitles: Add a video to subscribe. Learn more. Change the video file: Change a video file by uploading a new one. Next play: After editing video, paste a link to another video to force it to play. * This feature is available only for a partner with a bad seed


Dailymotion is also the same Utility platform such as YouTube where you can upload your videos and start money, but there is a slight difference in the daily movement in which you have 4000 hours and 1000 subscriptions remaining. Not required.