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YouTube Marketing Guide for 2018

YouTube Marketing Guide for 2018

YouTube Marketing Guide for 2018

YouTube does not have a better channel if you want to search for video marketing. He is the second most visited website on the Internet with more than one billion users, there is virtually no competition, and consumers are watching online videos faster. Therefore, with this flooding of consumer attention, it is not surprising that companies are putting their advertising dollars into digital video ads. But good news for you is that you do not have to flood thousands of dollars in YouTube advertising. If you create a good channel that drives consistently quality things that people want, pay attention to you and the eyes that you need to run through the YouTube product. Here is to do it

Part One: Creating a Great Channel Layout & Getting People to Click on Your Videos

This blog post is not going to know how to upload the profile picture, cover image, or steps to upload a video. YouTube already has these steps. It's easy and you do not need me any instructions. I'm going to use this first part of the guide to tell you why you need a great channel layout. The first step is to take a great channel for YouTube marketing. When people come to your channel, they need to know who you are and what kind of videos you have. This is my way how my channel looks like: My value suggestion and color schemes are easy and get to my website. CTA says I publish daily every day. My trailer price is like the extension of the proportion. People want to learn Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing. So, I've made a ton video on these themes and have managed them in different parts: This organization makes it easier for people to publish in what kind of content it is published. If you have a lot of videos, I will recommend you.

Create Regular Content

Permanently updating your channel with content will help your channel maintain active feed, enhance your presence on YouTube, and help your audience. You should aim at least one video per week, but the right amount of content depends on your viewer, your goals and your content. An easy way to create a stable material stream is to prepare a small version of long-term content. Build the theme around the theme and publish the size of the theme on a weekend basis. It will engage your audience and return for more.

How to Write a Great Title

This is that area that you can not ignore. Titles are very important in YouTube. No matter how good your video content is, it does not make any video that you actually got to actually click on your video. There are different strategies that I have used to marketers and creators on YouTube. The first game is the Gossip Shop TMZ game. They are not marketers, but they know how to pay attention. And it's important for marketers. If you can find the trend in their title, then: Business Inside Follow Similar Formula. Let's see some examples on your YouTube channel. Does TMZ sports and business-ins mainly write half crime and leave it as This means that if you want to know who has said or what the children want, then you have to click on the video to search. There are no errors in these titles. They are intentionally written in this way. They write the title to click. Is it waiting A bit but you do not need to avoid clicking on the button, because some of it works. How to do yourself here The title of the YouTube title is 100, but almost 50-55 characters are where they start cutting text on the desktop. That is where you write you clarify. See that TMZ games when they write their titles. If I had a video about SEO Hack, I could write a title like this: Search engine optimization | This four SEO hack will fix your traffic The part of the Italians is to show as a title on YouTube. You see I leave a cliff that people want to click on. I also put keywords in Search Engine Reforms and CEOs to make sure that the video is done. Then I put Google logo in the thumbnail to catch the eye and make sure people know it's about Google SEO. Keywords are other important things. You need to make sure you put these keywords into your title so that they attract the right audience. Keywords like social media marketing, search engine fixes, conversion rate optimization, ROI, and blogging are keywords that you use me. If you know your place, you'll know which keywords you need to use. Now our title is, let's go on the thumbnail


Do not miss this section. Choosing your YouTube thumbnails is only one, if not more, is also important to create a great title. Let's first use the two roof ceiling hackers on their thumbnail.

Arrows and Circles

Marketers use red arrows and circles quickly in pictures of their YouTube thumbnails and their social graphs. I mean center There is no need for a red arrow here clearly. So why do they add it? Because it screams eyes and clicks. I've also used this emphasis: You want to shoot it and see if it increases your thoughts!

Logo to Boost Brand Awareness

Here's another hack that is putting your logo on a thumbnail like using the marketers. That way, even if someone does not click on your video, you still spread awareness drawings and your brand. CNN keeps these signs on every thumbnail: Look, how big is the logo. Is this a big need for it? Of course not, but it expands the CNN brand, even those who will not click on the video and see. I do the same thing, but instead of the logo, I use my face. I do not have to put my face on this thumbnail, but it recognizes my fans to me. And if people are not familiar with me, they will see the title of this video and wonder who this person is and click on and be introduced and introduced. Just remember that the viewers would not want to feel like cheating on your video. Your thumbnail needs to accurately represent your video content.

Cross-Promote with Other Channels

Make a priority to promote your channel access to such channels, promote or interact with one another, make it a priority to identify and reach mutual benefit. It does not mean that you already have a huge following on YouTube. Gregory Scotti has a great post on traffic that he has worked on with another YouTube channel to make a video based on a popular blog post was written - productivity science. This video only increased to 7,000 users in their email. We've covered that people have to get the way to click on your videos and cross-promotion. We now move on to another aspect of marketing on YouTube, which improves your videos for YouTube's search.

Part Two: YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second most popular search engine. And with a video of up to 500 hours of uploading every minute, you have a fair share of your competitors. Here's the best step forward to make sure to get to the top of YouTube's search results (without paying for it):

Writing Great Descriptions

There is a great section on YouTube, in which descriptions of marketers and creators can write a great description. I recommend that you look at it if you need a complete guide. The thing I want to emphasize is the importance of using the initial keywords in your description. Here are the keywords required in one of my videos: When you know what you are trying to classify well for the keywords, you can put them in titles and descriptions. You can also mention those keywords in the video and put them in the titles you have closed. Nothing and keywords never forced. It just shows you spam and incredible. Your details should have at least one paragraph. YouTube has to write you 5000 characters. Do not be hungry as much as you need. I use my description as a copy. But I also put links on my blog and social network. So if people do not read the whole story, they still see links to reading my blog or are in touch with their social: Write specifications with keywords. People make it easier to find out more about you.

Closed Captions on Videos

Ever missed a great line from a tv show, typed it in Google or YouTube and got the exact clip on YouTube? If this great line was not in the title or description, you have found that the search engine used captions to search for a video. It alone should convince you that you need to make captions available for your videos. You can use captioning automatically. You can edit them by adding them or add them.


The key to improving your tag is the key to your first. Use references for keyword words like "video production" and provide common and long tail keywords. You want to provide enough tags to describe your video well and accurately. Think of your potential viewer can be found on YouTube.

Comments, Likes, and Subscriptions

While viewing a video on YouTube, how many times you hear the phrase near the end of the video, "If you like this video, give it thumb up or comment". That's why most likes and comments from YouTube indicate that video audience is getting engaged. People are talking about it and classify it. He emphasized with him. And YouTube will rate it in their search results. Another thing that will get the highest rank is the number of people subscribing to your channel. And the best YouTube creators and marketers know this. So they ask you to subscribe. I can write full articles when I get more YouTube Subscriptions. And fortunately, I have. If you want more and more users, take a look.

Part Three: How to Produce a Great YouTube Video

This is the last part of this blog post, but you should consider it as the most important part of YouTube marketing.

Create a Great Opening and Sustain Viewer Attention

If you are relatively unknown, then the first few seconds of the video are absolutely important to get exactly what is right. They "hook" the audience so that they want to watch your entire video. I'm sure you've seen some ads from Tai Lopez. But do you really see what they think of such great Creator? This was one of the tech ads: By advertising, you have 5 seconds to hook the viewer so they watched your video more. Do you see what you do? The background he stands in an enthusiasm, and the first thing he is going to visit you is his motivation. Then he introduced himself. And to keep you in touch, he gives you a laughing video tour while talking about himself and what he offers. This is a great marketing that some people have done. Who would like to click "Leave Advertisement" in this video? Can you imagine that she had her background sitting on the table with a white wall while doing the same thing? Nobody sees it. Your videos should work the same way. Even if they are not ads, you should treat them with them. The audience hooked with visuals and some great opening lines. Then take care of them. Look, what should I do in this video? My hook comes with high-energy companies that I have written in Ghost. The rest of my introduction (which is only 15 seconds) mentions this video and you can benefit from watching the rest of your offers. Nearby your video, your CTA is time to add users to check your site or watch other videos on your channel. The best way to do this is with interpretation.


All the arrows are expressing concern that at the end of the interpretation of my video I play on your videos. With explanations, you can make layers, links, and hot pots on your video to promote video experience with additional information, interactive and engagement. Keep typical with the use of interpretations because many people will close the viewer and reduce your average primetime. There are some ways to use them: Navigation (i.e., next/previous edition, go to channel) Subscribe to a YouTube channel Link to the full version of other YouTube videos, playlists, channels or shortcuts Encourage viewers to comment on "like" or video You can customize many different aspects of interpretation including size, color, type, link, and timing. Play with different types of interpretations to find someone who meets your goals. YouTube ads overlay can help you avoid annotations in the lower third of your video. In addition, the embedded player can prevent the interpretation with the very top of the frame. Finally, be careful that the interpretations are not found in the original material. It may look like "spam" and may have a negative effect.

Create Calls to Action

The key to a successful marketing campaign is, on YouTube, is also making clear and comprehensive calls for action. Depending on the message, you can use the start, middle, or end of the video to direct your viewer's actions. Many indicators may cause confusion, so keep your CTA at least and simple. The goal is that it may be possible to perform an action. Here are a few important things to use on your videos: Subscribe: Give a reason to subscribe to your viewer (for example, new video or an episode is not available every week). Add to Favorites / Favorites / Share: Ask your audience "Like," "Favorite," and "Sharing" video so that your content appears in more places on YouTube. When you ask about it easily, you will be surprised by this reaction. Comments: Encourage your viewer to ask a specific question or take part in requesting a topic that he wants to cover in the upcoming video. Video Graphics: Create a video "end slate" that shows the viewer at the end of the video directly to your site.


Congratulations, you made this way through this guide. Now you have become the next YouTube star/creation. Apply the principles described here and increase your presence on YouTube. Remember, it can not work on the first attempt, but it can provide amazing results in continuing to manufacture high-quality content on YouTube. Success on YouTube comes with time and practice, then exit and shoot. Which YouTube Marketing Techniques Have You Learned?